Monday, March 31, 2014

Traditional Books Vs E-books

Traditional Books Vs E-books

Traditional books have been around since time immemorial. They have taken up an important position in our life. They are a constant source of knowledge and provide textual information to the global society. The traditional books have their own market demand.
E-books on the other hand have emerged as the new contender in the market of reading. E-books have become quite a rage with the latest technological advancement. The e-books are nothing but the digital version of traditional books. People can take the service of online bookstores which provide both traditional books as well as e-books.
With the emergence of e-books, it has become a matter of debate, as to which one is better, traditional book or e-book. So here are a few points on which a short comparison has been drawn between them:

• Portability

The e-book readers are really handy to carry and the number of e-books you can carry is also high. Three to six books can be carried at a time, and if the available memory is high then more books can be carried.
While on the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to carry even one printed book, thus giving an edge to the e-books.

• Features

The digital books have features which enable easy sharing among your circle. Certain phrases can also be found easily in e-books.
These features are not available in traditional books.

• Durability

The e-books are durable and they won't get damaged with time as in the case of traditional books.
The pages of the traditional books get damaged with time, thus making it impossible to read after a few years.

• Cost effective

E-books prove to be quite cost effective as compared to traditional books. In the long run, the e-books are found out to be more pocket friendly than the traditional books.
E-books when bought in bulk can become quite cheap.

• Use of devices

Traditional books do not need any device for reading. They do not have to depend on batteries. People reading traditional books can get access to them anytime, anywhere.
Whereas in case of e-books, e-reader is necessary, this often needs to be charged for providing access to the people to use them.

• Resale value

Traditional books have a resale value as compared to e-books. It is possible to resell an ordinary book if needed, but e-books cannot be sold once bought. Thus e-books do not have a resale value.

All said and done, it is still early to say that e-books have taken up the market of traditional books. There is still a large portion of the society who favors traditional books over e-books. Online businesses like online bookstores offer both types of books, be it traditional or be it e-books. The difference is just that e-books are delivered quickly whereas traditional books take up some time to be delivered depending on the location of the user.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

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